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Human Resources

HR practices differ from industry to industry, and the educational sector has its specific challenges. ‘SMCI’ the HR development enterprise of ACN Group has the best-in-class educational sector specific people management practices and policies. It draws its wealth from hands on experience in this domain to design viable and result oriented solutions.

Our human resource framework has been formulated by an expert team of HR professionals with years of experience. The blueprint is customized to suit the specific requirements and operating philosophy of an institution. Understanding the contemporary requirements of students enables the selection of the right faculty. SMCI involves itself in each and every aspect of the recruitment process in close association with its clients, and also offers continued support throughout.

To ensure higher retention rates, SMCI conducts various programs on a regular basis to nurture inter-personal relationship skills, develop enhanced Emotional Quotient, inter-departmental relations, student handling skills, awards and recognitions, performance reviews and rewards, incentives programs, refresher courses and skill enhancement programs, among others.