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Beyond Business

At a time when his classmates where exploring best career options and was intent on creating wealth and a name for themselves, Mr. R A Chaudhry, the founder and the philanthropic spirit behind the ACN Group and ACN Foundation, channelized his energies to create wealth of a different kind - in the form of institution development, health and social development.

ACN Foundation was primarily set up to sanctify this mission and to re-affirm its commitment to social development in the fields of Education, Healthcare, and Social Development. The foundation also strives to reach out to like-minded individuals and organizations, to join them in their endeavor to provide the much-needed impetus to a few globally relevant development issues.

The Agenda of the ACN Foundation is to use the expertise and infrastructure of its institutions and reach out to a wide constituency of target beneficiary groups. The Foundation believes that community benefits multiply when social responsibility is shared, when multiple expertises merge towards just one goal: what we have gained should be passed on. Last year ACN Foundation launched scholarship for needy and meritorious students and disbursed more than 2.5 million rupees for same. Continuing with the same spirit such scholarship programme is being run year after year and fund more than 3 million rupees has been allotted for same.